2019-02-22: Social Media Postees

UN: Sexual Violence, Warfare Linked to South Sudan's Oil
teleSUR | telesurenglish.net | 2019-02-22
Reports from the United Nation's Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan has disclosed heinous human rights violations that were committed in the eight-year-old nation in 2018. | RELATED: | Sudanese Forces Tortured and Killed Dozens: Activists | The global agency stated that sexual violence against women is rampant and reported "on a massive scale," while similar violations against men and boys "remains significantly under-reported due to social stigma." The organization also detailed…

Authorities confirm Assange's Australian passport was renewed last October
WSWS | wsws.org | 2019-02-22
News that the WikiLeaks publisher's passport was renewed last October does not reduce by one iota the danger that he confronts.

Ex-Pinochet secret police agent Adriana Rivas' extradition case deferred
Fred_F | greenleft.org.au | 2019-02-21
Former secret police agent under dictator General Augusto Pinochet Adriana Rivas will face court again on March 1 to see if she is extradited back to Chile, where she is facing charges relating to alleged torture and kidnapping offences. | While visiting Chile in 2007, Rivas was arrested for the aggravated kidnapping of seven victims in 1976. At the time she was the principal assistant to Manuel Contreras, the former head of Pinochet's National Intelligence Directorate (DINA). | All of the victims subsequently disappeared after undergoing vicious torture sessions. | However, Rivas breached her conditional bail an…

Former Pinochet secret police agent Adriana Rivas arrested in Sydney
Fred_F | greenleft.org.au | 2019-02-19
The following statement was released by the Australian-based National Campaign for Truth & Justice in Chile on February 19. | *** | After years of eluding justice, notorious Chilean torturer Adriana Rivas has finally been arrested and her extradition request by the Chilean state accepted by Australian authoriti…

The FBI Came Close to Staging a Coup
Consortiumnews | consortiumnews.com | 2019-02-17
Andrew McCabe, a senior bureau official, provided the alarming evidence in a "60 Minutes" interview, writes John Kiriakou. By John Kiriakou Special to Consortium News Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, in an explosive interview with CBS's "60 Minutes," said… Read more ?…

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