2020-07-31: News Headlines

Binoy Kampmark (2020-07-31). Julian Assange's Political Indictment: Old Wine in Older Bottles. counterpunch.org The book of hours on Julian Assange is now being written. But the scribes are far from original. Repeated rituals of administrative hearings that have no common purpose other than to string things out before the axe are being enacted. Of late, the man most commonly associated with WikiLeaks' publication project cannot participate in any

Staff (2020-07-30). Democracy Delayed Is Democracy Denied. therealnews.com Stir Crazy! Episode 73: Today we are joined by TRNN reporter Aman Azhar, journalist Justine Barron, TRNN visual producer Andrew Corkery, and TRNN editorial director Lisa Snowden-McCray. Hosted by Kim Brown.

_____ (2020-07-30). CIA Fabricated Russiagate 'Evidence', Says Former NSA Tech Chief. strategic-culture.org Bill Binney has now laid out, in this speech, the evidence that he wants to present in court against Barack Obama's CIA, that it defrauded Americans to believe in "Russiagate" (the allegation that Russia 'hacked' the computers of Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party officials and fed that information to Wikileaks and other organizations). Binney cites evidence, which, if true, conclusively proves that Russiagate was actually created fraudulently by the CIA's extensive evidence-tampering, which subsequently became covered-up by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller, in his investigations for the Democratic Party's fi…

William Hughes (2020-07-28). Two Rebels Against the Establishment: Oliver Stone and Edward Snowden. counterpunch.org Film director Oliver Stone is in a class by himself. He has dared to go into the political mine fields where only a few other Hollywood-based moviemakers have ventured. Perhaps, the fact that the talented Stone was a Vietnam War U.S. Army veteran (1967-68), toughened him up to take on the Establishment. Earlier in his

WSWS (2020-07-28). Assange appears in court, as lawyers warn case may be delayed by new US indictment. wsws.org As it stands, the UK courts are continuing with Assange's extradition process based on an outdated indictment.

news.un (2020-07-28). Human rights report details 'heartbreaking' accounts of women detained in DPRK. news.un.org Women forcibly returned to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) are subjected to torture, ill treatment, sexual abuse, and other violations, according to a report published on Tuesday by the UN Human Rights office.

sputniknews (2020-07-28). China's Proposed New Assault Carrier May Launch Drones From Electromagnetic Catapult. sputniknews.com New details have emerged in Chinese media about the proposed Type 076 landing helicopter dock (LHD), a unique variant of that type of warship that would combine a helicopter carrier, a catapult aircraft launching system and a docking area for amphibious landing craft. Sputnik was among the first to report on the new warship.