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2021-11-25: News Headlines

Staff (2021-11-25). Imprisoned Assange could get married by New Year. rt.com Julian Assange and his fiancée Stella Moris have formally registered their intention to get married in maximum security Belmarsh prison, where the Wikileaks co-founder is being held. | Read more | | "Today we notified our intention to marry. It will take at least 28 days for that to be cleared. We don't have a date planned yet because it will depend on the authorities. It could be as soon as before the New Year," Moris told journalists on Wednesday after visit…

_____ (2021-11-25). Grandmother Arrested At Drone Base While Distributing Leaflets With Photos Of Children Killed In Attack. popularresistance.org Marysville, CA – A small group of anti-drone activists, with Codepink, Ban Killer Drones and Veterans For Peace held demonstrations at 2 gates Monday at Beale Air Force Base, a drone base in Marysville, during am and pm commute. Flyers and banners were used to educate military personnel about two critical issues: 1) The August 29th U.S. drone attack that killed 10 members of the Afghan Ahmadi family, all civilians, at their Kabul home, and 2) The U.S. Military's critical role in the global climate crisis, that leaves a gigantic carbon footprint annually, due to the 800+ foreign bases worldwide, and the ongoing st…

WSWS (2021-11-24). Colonia Dignidad: Nazi criminality exported to Chile. wsws.org The Netflix documentary addresses the evangelical cult, run by the German psychopath and pro-fascist Paul Schà§fer, that participated in the torture of political prisoners and used slave labor to produce weapons for Chile's Pinochet dictatorship in the 1970s .

Moderator (2021-11-24). Why There Are So Few Whistleblowers. scheerpost.com Chelsea Manning in 2018. ( By Melvin Goodman /

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