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2021-09-04: News Headlines

George Capaccio (2021-09-03). Afghanistan: Farewell to Arms, Predator Drones, Night Raids…? counterpunch.org It is right that the Western troops are finally leaving our country — they should have done so much earlier. We cannot have a serious peace process as long as the Americans are in Afghanistan. We must build our country with our [own] hands. …The Americans replaced the barbaric regime of the Taliban with brutal warlords,

Kevin Gosztola (2021-09-03). 9/11 Cinema: 'The Siege' Foreshadowed America's Dark Transformation. thedissenter.org FBI Special Agent Anthony Hubbard (Screen shot from the promotional trailer for "The Siege" and fair use for the purposes of commentary)[Editor's Note: This is the first in The Dissenter's weekly series on 9/11 and its impact on cinema, which will be published as a companion to our series, "Twenty Years In A Security State."] | Yunis Shokuri, who was a Guantanamo Bay prisoner for over 13 years, once recalled the plot of "The Siege" when he appeared before a military tribunal. "The movie was about terrorists carrying out terrorist attacks in the United States.""The CIA and FBI were no…