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2021-09-17: News Headlines

Staff (2021-09-17). FAA imposes no-fly zone for drones after shocking footage shows 10,000+ migrants packed under Texas bridge. rt.com The US Federal Aviation Administration has barred drones from flying over a south Texas bridge where more than 10,000 migrants have gathered, preventing local media from capturing aerial footage showing conditions at the site. | An

Anonymous669 (2021-09-17). Saudi Arabia Says It Foiled Attack With Four Drones, Ballistic Missile On Jizan. southfront.org Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing. | Early on September 17, the Saudi-led coalition announced that it had intercepted and shot down four suicided drones and a ballistic missile which were launched from the Yemen by the Houthis (Ansar Allah). | According to the coalition, the main target of the attack was the southern Saudi city of Jizan. The drones and the ballistic missile were intercepted before they could reach the city. | "We are taking operational measures to protect civilians and civilian objec…

South Front (2021-09-16). Video: Riyadh Left Out in the Wind as Houthi Drones and Missiles Rain. globalresearch.ca

Peoples Dispatch (2021-09-16). Thousands protest wage cuts and neoliberal reforms in Uruguay and other stories. peoplesdispatch.org Today we look at the general strike against wage cuts in Uruguay, the ITJP report on the custodial torture of Tamil people in Sri Lanka, and more…

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